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There are more than 100 different autoimmune diseases. A healthy functioning immune system strives to protect the body from invaders such as viruses or bacteria, and it does this by producing antibodies or sensitized lymphocytes, which are a type of white blood cells. When the immune system is functioning as it should it cannot be triggered to attack its own body, however, sometimes the immune cells become confused and attack the cells they are meant to protect. This leads to a variety of different autoimmune conditions.



  • Crohn’s
  • Celiac
  • Endometriosis
  • Graves disease
  • Hashimoto’s
  • Diabetes
  • Lupus
  • Chronic Lymes
  • MS
  • Psoriasis
  • Raynauds
  • Several types of arthritis
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Neuropathy
  • and interestingly there is discussion of autoimmune implications in PCOS


I wish I could tell everyone… autoimmune disease is on the rise, and women are most affected... be proactive!!!

It is believed that the development of autoimmune disease is driven by the triangle of: compromised gut barrier/intestinal permeability issues (leaky gut), an event physical/emotional/or mental that triggers a response, and a genetic predisposition. Triggers can be stress, bacterial, viral, yeast, parasites, foods that the body is sensitive to, or trauma to the body.


The glands in our bodies that help it to function and achieve certain necessary tasks such as the thyroid, adrenal, ovaries, testes, pituitary, and pancreas all make hormones and these hormones can both drive and affect autoimmune disease or be targets of the immune system. Autoimmune disease can wreck your hormones. AND… most people dont realize that estrogen is highly likely to have adverse affects on the immune system. It is believed that estrogen heightens inflammation in the immune system and may potentially increase the number or antibodies we have attacking our tissue. In those with estrogen dominance or excess estrogen this could be a disaster. Spikes and plunges in estrogen can drive autoimmunity especially during peri-menopause. Women often experience flares in symptoms during this time. Cortisol imbalances regulated by the HPA axis can be disrupted by stress (mental, emotional, physical) and create a rise in inflammation and autoimmune disease. We have many studies linking an dis-regulated HPA axis to autoimmune disease.


Early symptoms of autoimmune disease are vague and this makes it difficult to diagnose. Fatigue, muscle aches and pain, and brain fog are common complaints among my patients. But by far, the most common sign in most autoimmune conditions is inflammation. This inflammation causes pain, redness and swelling. Symptoms can furthermore vary depending upon what is the target of the autoimmunity. Thyroid disease can manifest as fatigue, hair loss, and weight gain or loss. Multiple sclerosis results in difficulties with coordination and walking. Rheumatoid arthritis attacks the joints and results in painful joints and swelling that limits function. I could go on and on. The point is even the most vague generalized symptoms can be the result of autoimmune disease.


I can not stress enough how important it is to balance your hormones and be aware and proactive if you are experiencing symptoms of hormone dis-regulation. This is part of prevention of autoimmune disease. If you are experiencing these things please visit your functional medicine provider to be evaluated.

Our approach is to find the root cause or trigger. We do this with functional and conventional testing such as stool analysis, DutchPlus hormone and cortisol testing, nutrient testing, dietary antigen or sensitivity testing, and other advanced antibody and inflammatory marker testing.

To learn more about AUTOIMMUNITY AND HOW TO PREVENT IT OR TREAT IT inquire on the site or give us a call.


Functional Medicine is made for hormone and thyroid disfunction and imbalances and it is one of the most important services we provide to patients because it almost always changes their life.

Women today struggle to have energy and make it thru the busy days, keeping up with the pressures of life is a real challenge. Between making dinner, taking care of family, raising children, keeping up a home, and having a career most women are burning the candle at both ends. Fatigue is my most common complaint and most of the women I see between the ages of 40-75suffer from some form of hormone or thyroid dysfunction.  

Men are not excluded, fact is as we age, we all change. Our resilience, energy, vigor and virility suffers.  It does not have to be this way. I’ve personally helped countless high performing and busy women (and men) to REVERSE these energy draining symptoms and regain their energy, happiness, and focus.

This is not a cookie cutter approach, our process is very custom, and is all based on science, lab results and most importantly you, the patient… what works for one person might not work for you, and that’s why we use personalized medicine.

Our approaches:


We are one of the few providers well versed in and using the Dutch test. DUTCH is the most advanced hormone test for functional and integrative medical practitioners, especially when monitoring (b)HRT. Do you have concerns about your hormonal health? Are you struggling to understand the reasons for your symptoms? We use Dutch testing with every patient whom we monitor hormones. One can not get a clear picture of how the body is using, converting, metabolizing and detoxing from hormones without seeing what the conversion process looks like. This is where we stand out and are different than other providers in this area.

In the journey to restore vitality in our patients we use bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, herbs, adaptogens, diet and lifestyle, and other approaches as part of our customized treatment of hormone imbalance. We feel confident our approach is outstanding and our patients can testify to this fact.


It is not normal to feel fatigued all the time.

Thyroid disease is more common than most people realize and millions of people in the world are affected. Some patients thyroids make too much hormone and others make too little, and some suffer from autoimmune disease of the thyroid where their immune system has become overactive and is driving dysfunction and attacking the thyroid causing a type of hypo or hyperthyroidism known as either Graves Disease or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Others can suffer from nodules on the thyroid, Goiter, or even thyroid cancer.  

The thyroid is only a small gland in the neck but it has perhaps one of the most powerful influences on health. The thyroid hormones are used throughout the entire body in many different processes. The thyroid is responsible for the production of protein, growth and development of the body, t helps to regulate many body functions and controls your metabolism. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and many times patients tell me their thyroid has already been checked and there was no issue. The problem I have seen is that many providers are only checking TSH or occasionally T4. In addition many providers such as myself, who specialize in endocrine disorders, including thyroid disease, thinkrare too broad, leaving many patients who suffer from low-thyroid disease undiagnosed and untreated. Additionally most patients have never had their thyroid antibodies checked, or their reverse T3, or their free levels of T4 or T3. I can tell you, I see undiagnosed thyroid disease daily. And treating this and optimizing those levels is a game changer. There is no way a person can experience a fully functional life that is vibrant when your thyroid is not functioning optimally.  

Treating thyroid disease is a process with many interconnecting parts. It is necessary to evaluate a patients insulin and cortisol levels as well to understand the whole picture. And, every person is different. Hashimoto’s has to be treated very differently than hypothyroidism and adrenal driven disfunction that might look like thyroid disease is approached differently still. Once we have determined the underlying cause we then treat thyroid disease with hormone replacement therapy, micronutrient therapy, balancing mineral levels, healing the gut, and supporting the HPA axis so that the body is able to function at is optimal level smoothly like a well oiled machine. When this happens people find themselves experiencing life changing improvements.


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