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about chyrl mosley, FNP-BC

Chyrl Mosley is a board-certified and licensed family nurse practitioner, and an Institute of Functional Medicine (candidate) certified functional medicine provider, she is also completing the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicines Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine. She holds a master’s degree in nursing, and two bachelor’s in nursing and in psychology. Chyrl is a Sigma Theta Tau member and graduated magna cum laude in her class. She has taken herbal and natural medicine training designed for healthcare professionals with Dr. Tieraona Low Dog. Chyrl is an achiever and has been successful in any endeavor she has undertaken; she has had a passion for health and wellness for nearly 20 years and is committed to her patients and helping them achieve their highest degree of well-being.

"I got into medicine because the health care system I experienced was broken. Time and again I was faced with providers, who in my experience, didn’t listen and became uninterested when their approach wasn’t working or an alternative was suggested. It felt like they didn’t care. They were burnt out and when I asked questions they became defensive, or it became apparent they didn’t have an answer and didn't care to find one. My issues were complex, it wasn’t a simple cut and dry situation. I had a plethora of symptoms I couldn’t explain and no one had answers for me. This was discouraging to say the least. I felt abandoned by the very people who were supposed to be there to help.

Eventually I found some outstanding healers; sometimes in modern allopathic medicine and sometimes in the wisdom of the indigenous practitioners of 3rd world countries. I put the pieces together for myself with a lot of work. I have also experienced both of my parents struggles with cancer and chronic disease. Eventually I shared what I learned and pointed people in directions that had been helpful to me. However, it always seemed like I could do more if I only had a larger toolbox.  

I was drawn into medicine by my own journey through Lymes disease, Epstein Barr virus, mast cell activation dysfunction, fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, nearly dying from MRSA and osteomyelitis and the painful and heartbreaking struggles of the people I love.  I believe that no one should have to go through life feeling the way I felt. I never bought that it was normal… or in my mind as was sometimes suggested. I despised the implications that I was a person with imagined illnesses and a lack of zest for life. You see I had been healthy; I had felt amazing at one time in life and I knew that we all had the potential for feeling that way all the time. I never gave up. And I found answers.

Today after 27 years spending countless hours teaching myself by pouring over books and studies and workshops, investigating, trial and error, 9 years of formal education and the blessings of amazing patients to learn from and with, I have arrived at a place where I feel like I can really help people. And I still don’t know enough and I likely never will. But what I do know is that I will listen to you and I will do my best to find out. If I don’t think I can help you I will call upon my peers and my mentors, who are some of the most amazing minds in medicine, and find someone who can. I will be your partner in your journey to health." - Chyrl Mosley, FNP-BC

about the fork functional medicine

Chyrl wanted to create a different experience of medicine and bring something to health care that was refreshing and new… something that married the wisdom of ancestral medicine with cutting edge science . Chyrl’s passion for health and wellness was the birth space of her vision for a clinic where people in our community could be heard and build a trusting relationship for long term care and the treatment of chronic complex issues requiring a deeper dive and more personalized investigation and care.

At The Fork Functional Medicine, we want you to walk away from your appointment feeling heard, cared for, and with a better understanding of your condition as well as what your options are for recovering health and well-being… whether it be in our community clinic or our functional medicine practice.  

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE: Our focus on functional medicine allows us to look at the whole picture of your health to determine why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling, and what necessary steps can be taken to create lasting change. Our ultimate goal is for you to become your healthiest self through a partnership. We specialize in individualized care and strive to get to the root of a patient’s physical discomfort or health challenges. This is an in depth journey into your health and the visits reflect this.

The journey to holistic wellness begins with a comprehensive assessment of past and present conditions. Laboratory tests, diagnostic testing, and sometimes genetic testing are performed to establish a baseline of current health and to uncover potential illnesses. We assess the current state of your body, determine where imbalances are occurring, and focus on potential predispositions you may have for disease or illness. One size does not fit all when it comes to matters of the body, and thus our thorough investigative process allows us to uncover the root cause of your health challenges, and move forward with a treatment plan tailor fit just for you. Learn more about the types of issues we treat in our services section.

Meet the team

Amy Burns, LmSW, HH
Wellness Case Manager

Amy Burns serves in the role of Wellness Case Manager and is an intuitive and compassionate human who thrives in serving others and facilitating their success with their health and wellness goals. We like to think of Amy as our success coordinator!

Amy serves the providers and patients here at the clinic in many amazing ways. Amy is a LMSW, a Holistic Herbalist, Social worker, Teacher and Mom. She completed her Masters degree and is also a graduate of the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine.  

Amy’s personal healing journey began with her children and family when challenged with complex allergies, autoimmune disorders and food sensitivities. This led to a volunteer role as educator/public speaker on behalf of the Feingold Association/ADHD Diet Program for several years helping parents heal their children naturally without synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Amy hopes to pass her knowledge and experience forward and collaborate and partner with others in exploring their own healing journey.

Amy is originally from Chicago, Illinois and in her spare time, enjoys researching her family ancestry along with hiking and traveling with her family.

Rhonda Funk, Patient Navigator

Rhonda is our Patient Navigator. We are so blessed to have Rhonda as part of our team!

In the summer of 2018, just one and a half years after surviving brain surgery for an aneurysm, Rhonda packed what she could into her car on her birthday and moved from Central Oregon to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her dream of being a professional songwriter. Rhonda is a gifted artist with many successes, she performs all over the country but during the weekday Rhonda helps clients learn about the clinic and walks them through becoming a patient.

Rhonda’s experience with a life threatening condition and her second chance at life has given her the ability to connect to others because of her own raw and real experiences. You will find Rhonda to be sharp and efficient and the perfect partner for the beginning steps of this journey, she has an infectious energy that you will certainly love.

Learn more about Rhonda's journey as an artist go to

A team approach

One thing that makes our approach different here at The Fork is our team approach. We meet weekly to discuss upcoming patients and ongoing cases, sharing information and brainstorming as a team in order to make the best decisions for our patients care and healing journey. This allows for coordination and collaboration within our entire team.

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When the leaves of a plant turn brown and wilt, we don’t paint them green. We look to find why they are turning brown in the first place… we look for the root cause. We must approach medicine the same way.


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