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October Research and News

November 3, 2020

All of the articles in this month’s News and Research are related to hormones, genetic SNPs, Fertility, and supplements and tie into our blog articles. 

Why Americans Need Information on Dietary Supplements

Most people are not aware that there is a dietary supplement database with open access for public use. This helps the government ensure public safety, helps the public find information to meet their needs and logs research efforts on the efficacy and safety of supplements. I encourage you to take a visit to the following sites.

An overview of herb and dietary supplement efficacy, safety and government regulations in the United States with suggested improvements. Part 1 of 5 series 

Sometimes the information I share is not a fun read. This is not a particularly fun read. However, it is super informative and loaded with information. Also at the bottom of the abstract you will find links the other 4 parts of the series. Which in my opinion are very interesting. Knowledge is power. Be informed because you are your own best advocate. 

A common mutation in the 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene affects genomic DNA methylation through an interaction with folate status

This study indicates that the MTHFR C677T polymorphism influences DNA methylation status through an interaction with folate status. Also we know that plasma homocysteine is inversely affected. Fertility and the ability to conceive are influenced. We have known this for a while. But we learn more and more as we go. Still an interesting article. 

The Role of Vitamin D in Fertility and during Pregnancy and Lactation: A Review of Clinical Data 

While vitamin D is important for musculoskeletal health, there are accumulating data suggesting that vitamin D may also be important for fertility, pregnancy outcomes and lactation. Significant changes in vitamin D metabolism during pregnancy such as increased production of the “active vitamin D hormone” calcitriol support the important role of vitamin D in this setting. Observational studies show that vitamin D deficiency is a risk marker for reduced fertility and various adverse pregnancy outcomes and is associated with a low vitamin D content of breast milk.

Blood plasma levels of lipoperoxides, glutathione peroxidase, beta carotene, vitamin A and E in women with habitual abortion 

The body is dependent upon homeostasis to function well. Carrying a fetus to term is one of those functions that is perhaps more dependent upon our ability to maintain wellness than many others. Another life is dependent upon it. According to the results of this study, we observed that the levels of lipid peroxidation were increased and plasma levels of vitamin A, E and beta carotene were decreased in HA. The decrease of those antioxidants may play a significant role in women with habitual abortion. Make sure you have a baseline of your micronutrients and how balanced you are and maintain healthy levels when trying to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term. 


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