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June Research and News

July 1, 2020

Effects of inflammation on social processes and implications for health

Effects of inflammation on overall health and well-being are not just limited to physical effects. This research indicated that social processes were influenced by inflammation being present and that there were health implications including implications for depression, loneliness, and inflammatory disorders. Lets face it if you don’t know about inflammation and how incredibly serious this is to your health and well being, it's time to learn.

Playing with the fire of inflammation

This is not a study but instead an article written by Harvard Medical School. It brings up some interesting points and connections between inflammation and disease including obesity. I think it always serves us to challenge ourselves to consider affects we don’t think of and possibilities that can shape the route we choose for our future.

Understanding Genetics

When you consider that there are 3 billion letters of DNA in the human genome it begins to become clear how complex understanding genetics is. Genetic information is the most complex information we have ever attempted to understand. It’s so complex that even explaining the basics is difficult to articulate. This website is my go to recommendation for understanding the basics. Check it out.

Breast Implant Illness – Fact or Fiction

The issue of breast implant illness has become more than urban legend. I have to side with fact in this case. The evidence of breast implant illness has become more and more undeniable and I see it more and more myself in the clinic. If you have breast implants I invite you to research this for yourself.

Could your GI and skin issues be a mast cell activation syndrome? 

Mast cell activation disorders are poorly understood and difficult to diagnose. They can present with everything from hives to what appears to be asthma or allergies to GI issues that are mysterious. This article looks at our current knowledge about the various disorders, their treatments and what we need to look at in the future.

Want strong bones… get your Vitamin D!

Did you know that if you don’t have sufficient levels of Vitamin D you can not develop and maintain a healthy skeletal system? Sufficient levels of Vitamin D are necessary for calcium metabolism, osteoblastic activity, matrix ossification, bone remodeling and bone density.

K along with Vitamin D may be a key ingredient for postmenopausal women. 

There is a synergistic interplay between Vitamin D and K. Both of these fat soluble vitamins play a central role in the metabolism of calcium and may be particularly useful in postmenopausal women. Get the low down in this article in the International Journal of Endocrinology.


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