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January Research and News

February 16, 2021

Silybin and the liver: From basic research to clinical practice

The terms milk thistle, flavonoids, silymarin, and silybin are generally used interchangeably; however, each of these compounds has specific characteristics and actions, with an intrinsic beneficial or toxic effect. These compounds are used as antioxidants or chemo preventives and anticancer agents, and especially as hepatoprotectants. This paper discusses the safety and efficacy not that much is known about herbs in medicine and more research is needed. 

Roles of Apoptosis and Cellular Senescence in Cancer and Aging

Ever wonder what fasting, aging and cancer have to do with each other? Fasting kicks in apoptosis. Cancer and aging are two similar processes representing the final outcome of time dependent accumulation of various irreversible dysfunctions, mainly caused by stress-induced DNA and cellular damages. Apoptosis and senescence are two types of cellular response to damages that are altered in both cancer and aging, albeit through different mechanisms.

Gut microbiota: A player in aging and a target for anti-aging intervention 

Our microbiome has something to do with everything!! Have you noticed? Yes aging too. The dietary and probiotic interventions aimed at gut health have been shown to favorably affect health and aging by an enhancing antioxidant activity, improving immune homeostasis, suppression of chronic inflammation, regulation of fat deposition and metabolism and prevention of insulin resistance. Recently, a high effectiveness and safety of novel therapeutic application such as fecal microbiota transplantation (crazy right!) in the prevention and treatment of age-related pathological conditions including atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes and Parkinson's disease has been demonstrated.

A comparative study of anti-aging properties and mechanism: resveratrol and caloric restriction

Resveratrol and caloric restriction (CR) are the powerful therapeutic options for anti-aging. This article compares the two and finds that effectiveness varied depending on which longevity-associated gene silencing information regulator it was applied to. But the research is promising and I loved that these two options comparatively were effective. 

Protection against oxidative stress and anti-aging effect in Drosophila of royal jelly-collagen peptide

Royal jelly… I have always loved even the idea of this. I mean it sounds so regal. People have used royal jelly for years and touted its benefits for nutrition and health. The results of this study showed that royal jelly collagen peptide played a protective role in both antioxidant and anti-aging effects on Drosophila, and the anti-aging effect may be achieved by alleviating oxidative damage. It suggests that the royal jelly peptide could be developed as a health-promoting ingredient with antioxidant and anti-aging effects for human body.


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