Fermented foods promote a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut supporting a healthy microbiome. 

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So, I have to say, there are as many recipes and types of sauerkraut as you can imagine! This one is the basic, no frills, sauerkraut. That’s how I like it. No surprises. ☺ Ok so maybe on occasion I mix it up but mostly I’m just a plain jane sauerkraut kinda girl. 

Fermented foods promote a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut supporting a healthy microbiome. 

You will need

1 cabbage – make sure its shredded to your preference. I like mine very fine. (You will want to save several large leaves to cover the kraut when you ferment it). 

1 teaspoon Himalayan salt

Place the cabbage in a very large bowl. Add the salt and massage it into the cabbage gently until liquid starts to release from the cabbage. 

Let the cabbage rest for 10 minutes or so then massage it again. Repeat as often as necessary until the cabbage is very juicy. 

Pack this mixture into a large jar, crock, or other container you are going to use for fermenting. Press the cabbage down until the liquid rises above the cabbage by about 1/8 inch or so. 

If using a large jar then you will want to weight the cabbage down by putting a weight on top of the cabbage. You can use a weight of some kind or a smaller jar that is filled with water. If using a small bowl or a crock you can place a plate on top of the cabbage and then put your weight on top of that. Then cover everything with a clean piece of cheesecloth or towel. 

Allow the cabbage to ferment in a cool, dark place. I like to leave it for 4-14 days. The longer you leave it the more sour it will become so it’s really about your taste and preference. 

When ready store in clean sealed glass mason jars in the refrigerator. The Kraut will keep for many months. 

NOTE: you can add small amounts of other veggies such as carrot, beet, cauliflower or beet, pepper. You can also add other seasonings such as dill, fennel, celery root, lemon juice or peel, garlic, ginger, juniper berries, caraway seeds, radish, onion, jalapenos, apple… really the options are unlimited. You can also use green or red cabbage or a combo… get creative! And remember it’s great for your gut health… This is eating your medicine!