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One very large head of napa cabbage 

about 6-8 heads baby Bok choy 

cut up into chunks put in stainless bowl with about 1/2 cup salt or more as needed to soak add water to cover.  Salt water should taste like sea water. Soak for 5 hours... turn often to make sure it gets covered well. 

When soaking time is up then pour into a colander and drain, rinse again in big bowl and then drain again, repeat process about three times until rinsed clean. then take small amounts and spin out in salad spinner to eliminate all the water you can. Put dried out cabbage mixture in large stainless bowl. Add Veggie Mixture below. 

Veggie Mixture... 

One very large Daikon Radish from Korean store cut up matchstick size

about 2 cups carrots cup up matchstick size

about 3/4 cup or more garlic chopped or in jar

about 6-8 TBS minced ginger

2-3 bunches fresh green onions chopped on diagonal

put all together in bowl by self

add to cabbage mixture and stir with hands until well mixed add chili pepper mixture and stir well until all cabbage is mixed. 

Chili Pepper Mixture... 

One large Asian pear

One small gala apple

One medium onion

blend in blender into liquid paste... may have to add a bit of water to get started... no more than you have to. 

Add 1/2 cup Asian chili pepper flakes or a little more

Add 1/2 cup fish sauce

Mix together and set aside until time to mix with veggie and cabbage mixture. Put in clean dry mason jars pushing down as you add it so as to compact the cabbage mixture and press out any air... wipe mouth of jars dry and clean and then seal and sit in dry warm spot for 3 - 7 days. If leaving it out on the counter, I would really burp it daily (just to prevent any problems building up).