Ceviche with Cilantro and Lime

This is a Peruvian dish shared with me by a Peruvian friend with a gift for creating amazing dishes. I love that we can get really valuable Omega-3 fatty acids from this raw wild caught salmon.

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When we eat true wild salmon that is fresh caught in cold water swimming this is a powerhouse of Omega 3’s that are anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and a great source of protein. This wild caught salmon is high in vitamins D, B-12 and B-6 and selenium. 

Ceviche with Cilantro and Lime


1 lb of skinned deboned diced wild salmon filet

2 red chilies or jalapenos, deseeded and finely chopped (remember that these chiles are hotter the smaller they are)

Cilantro to taste – I use ½ a bunch or more… some prefer only about 2 tbsp, chopped finely

4 garlic cloves finely chopped ( if your not a big fan of garlic use half as much)

1 small red onion very finely chopped

4 limes juiced

Himalayan sea salt to taste

Fresh ground peppercorns to taste


Place the fish in a large non-metallic bowl. Add the lime juice, cilantro, garlic and onion. Cover and refrigerate for up to 4 hours… honestly in Peru they rarely let it sit more than 15 or 20 minutes. I usually go for between 30 min and an hour. Keep in mind that you can use a different fish than this and the longer you marinate the fish the more it will change the texture of the fish making it less firm. Drain any excess liquid. Its ready to serve now. 


You can drizzle it with coconut milk and serve it in a lettuce bowl. 

You can use red snapper, halibut, cod… really most any fish. Some people prefer not to use oily fish such as salmon. It’s really preference. 

You can also add diced tomato, roasted corn, fresh diced avocado or pineapple after its drained and when your ready to serve. 

There are many variations of ceviche, this is just one but if you find you love it get creative and send us your ideas.