Buttermilk Poached Salmon

I like to do mine a little bit different than some. I don’t want my fish sitting in the poaching fluid. So… I tent it. Give it a try. 

I like to use a whole salmon but you could use fillets or steaks.

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Salmon fileted with bones and skin removed

1/2 Shallot sliced thinly

2 Garlic sliced thinly

1 Lemon sliced thinly

Himalayan salt


Veggie broth

Dill weed fresh chopped finely


Preheat oven to 425. Place the salmon on a large piece of foil, add salt sprinkling on to taste, top with sliced garlic, shallots, lemons and dill. Take the sides of the foil and pull it up as if you were going to close it around the top of the fish creating sort of a little pan with it leaving the top open. Add ¼ cup buttermilk mixed with a TBSP of stock around the outside of the filet… don’t pour over the top.  Gently pick this up and set it in a large pyrex dish. Pour 1-2 cups of buttermilk and and a ½ cup stock into the glass pan but not into the foil pan. Then place another piece of foil over the top loosely tenting it up. Bake 15-20 minutes depending on the size of the fillets. Check with fork for doneness. You can spoon some liquid over the top when you serve. Drizzle with fresh olive oil just before serving if you like.